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AI Product Lead at Zoom

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I'm a Product Leader who loves to build and code. The goal of this page is to help provide you with some more information about me and my approach to work.

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About Me

I live in San Francisco, CA with my amazing daughter and wife. When I'm not coding or leading projects, I enjoy being a dad and husband as an extreme hobbiest, home projects, soccer, golf, and exploring all of the great activities the Bay Area has to offer.

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What am I working on?

What is my background?

I began by crafting PHP websites for local businesses, where I learned the art of creating digital solutions that drive small business growth and engagement.

What is my philosophy around product development?

As a Product Leader, I focus on building and coding solutions that blend functionality, innovation, and user-centric design. My approach is rooted in creative thinking, strategic planning, and collaborative teamwork.

I'm driven by the transformative power of software in people's lives. My philosophy centers around purposeful engineering - building great teams, instilling mission-driven focus, and crafting experiences that are precise, satisfying, and meaningful.

Working with Gareth Handbook: Understanding Gareth

In an era where we meet over Zoom more often than face-to-face interactions, understanding the nuances of working with folks can be a complex dance of trial and error.

This is an unorthodox guide on how to best work and interact with me. This guide is designed to accelerate our mutual understanding, foster open dialogue, and preempt the pitfalls of miscommunication.

Where can you find me?


Feel free to reach out to me on X for collaborations or discussions about technology and product development.